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Fish Climbing Trees. That’s who and what we are. What does that mean? Well, we’re a group of authors, writers, and generally creative people trying to make our way on paths that aren’t our preferred habitats. We’re working normal jobs and burning the midnight oil to create, we’re raising families and then stealing away quiet moments to type up a paragraph, and we’re sifting through day-to-day lives to find bits of what makes sense.

And to do that, we’ve sought out our own little corner in the world. This site, and by extension this blog, are an attempt to do just that. However, as much as we want that little corner of our own, we also want to share it with whoever might need their own place, whoever might want to listen in, or maybe we can share some part of ourselves with the rest of the world to help improve everything else.

Lofty goals? Not really. Perhaps we’ll only help shift the level of good just a hair forward. Maybe we’ll only hash out some random thoughts on writing occasionally. However much we succeed, and whatever we succeed at, we mostly want to make the attempt.

Fish Climbing Trees – Our Purpose

But what are we here to do? Well, the same thing as everyone else. We’re trying to enjoy our lives while sharing the important parts with those we care about. For us, that means writing. The Fish Climbing Trees is a site built around a group of writers that are all trying to create something fun, engaging, and meaningful. Then, we want to share that something, whatever it is we create, with the rest of the world.

Most of us are writers first, and that means many of our projects will be books, web-bases serials, poems, and flash fiction. Most of us have multiple interests and hobbies outside of writing as well, and occasionally we’ll share some of those interests with everyone else. Most exciting of all, we will all be contributing to group projects that combine many of our talents and strengths into large-scale products that everyone can enjoy. Fish Climbing Trees – Projects

To start, we’ll be working together on two projects in particular: A Hangout Spot (Discord) and Space Mantis

The Discord will be the Fish Climbing Trees place to talk and fiddle with writing odds and ends as we think of them. Space Mantis is a podcast, one which we have nothing to do with, but if we did, it would be written by Laura Morrison about a witty spaceship crew out among the stars. Both of these projects are certainly works in progress, but we’ll be building onto them as we can.

Additionally, please feel free to check out the books and serial stories that are written by our members. You can find them—and future book listings—under our stories section.

So, watch this space, dear reader. We hope to be providing our combined thoughts and writing, reading, books, and other bits of creative goodness.

Thanks for joining us.

J.A. Waters - Fish Climbing Trees

Posted in introductions on Sep 01, 2020